Video Game Jocks Episode 76

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In this episode we talk about the January NPD Numbers, Guitar Hero IV, Microsoft Possibly Purchasing Epic, Netflix on XBL or PSN, the Official Death of HD-DVD, We Answer Your Listener Mail and More!

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  • wow, what with all the hating?

    first there was no camping on my part till that third match, the only one you won. If you looked at our scores too at the end of every match I was never the bottom. And that game you won, not to sound not nice, but we weren’t really even playing, we were stragizing for the future teams. hence the only reason you won by only 750-690 kills compared to to use beating you 750-440 the first match and 201-104 the second match.

    And yes I do have all my shotgun achievements.

    I most likely wouldn’t win against you Nick but I would most surely score. Paul, no way you would score more then 60 on me, that was a fluke against Desz to lose that bad.

    ok thats part 1 of 2.

  • Paul I lost all respect for you on this show. Seriously, Magic the Gathering? I’m at a loss of words.

    we all know who is the best looking podcast is. Height means nothing with looks btw.

    for being the video game jocks you sure don’t really play any of them. All I heard was no I don’t do this, no I won’t play that. But you see to watch them all, I think instead of being the Video Game Jocks you should change your show name to the Video Game Cheerleaders since you seem to only be on the sidelines

    Good show guys, I did actually enjoy it.

  • infectedpb503

    Dang some serious words going on here! Won’t hear show till laptop gets fixed but will be waiting with high anticipation!