State of the Nation, Vol 3

Download Now (02/20/2008)

Welcome everyone to the third edition of the official podcast, State of the Nation.

This week we have Gui J from
InfectedPB503 from
Thrillhouse17 from
Desz from
Paul from

and yet again, no one from (We were busy working 😉 and

Topics on this weeks show include:
HD-DVD Talks
P*N Pax 2008
Games that need to be remade or remixed for XBL or PS3 arcade
It goes downhill from there with community ramblings
So sit back and enjoy the show!

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  • A Dark Knight 2

    Awesome round-table discussion podcast!
    Nice work gentlemen!
    HD-DVD, rest in peace.
    My arcade remix is Flashback: The Quest for Identity, from the Sega Genesis.

  • Scarfinger

    Gui J, how can you tell fat people to get up and exercise then support the one thing that makes 100% sure they don’t have to (digital downloads)?