Another Platform Nation Birthday

Birthday Day!!
This times its X3R0 9’s birthday from XBL Radio. Its his 28th Birthday and he will hit 30 before I do, ha ha ha.

So hope you have a great one X3R0.

BTW, not to forget, its also one of our Platform Nation moderator’s birthday too today. Jeremiah Night, happy birthday man!! Today he turned 23. Congrats on that.

So from me and all your other fellow friends and family at Platform Nation, Happy Birthday to you both, and do not get to drunk tonight!

  • as you saw above, happy birthday to you both

  • Kosamus

    Party Hard for your Bday Guys!

  • Krato Soprano

    Happy birthday fellow XBLR Team member!

  • infectedpb503

    30 does suck! Looks like X3R0 is Almost there! Enjoy it while it lasts! Hope ya both get/got a “Tony Saprono” style bday present!

  • Thrillhouse17

    You already got an HDTV and a PS3, so you really don’t need anything else. Enjoy your birthday. Old man.

  • Happy B-day X3R0_9 and Jeremiah Night.

  • Happy B-Day you rotten bums!

  • Happy B-Day to both of you

  • Happy B-Day gents!


    Happy b-day, enjoy those 20’s