PSHRadio Episode 11: Microsoft Is At GDC, Where Are You?

Recorded mid GDC week, right after Microsoft’s big keynote address, Chiahippo and Thrillhouse discuss GDC, what they’ve seen/heard, and what they’d like to see from the big three.

Direct download here

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  • This is surely the best sounding podcast on the internet!!

    Great show Chia and Thrill.

    I feel from what my buddies have told me you guys were spot on with the assassins creed talk.

    GDC for me was a disappointment from all of the big 3. The only thing that I was really pumped up about that I knew nothing about was The Dishwasher, Little Gamers and the other games were ok. I could care less about the zune crap and wow what a huge disappointment from the sony camp.

    Anyways thanks for putting out another kick ass show and I can’t wait to hear the next one

  • Great sound quality.

    As for Thrillhouse being a fanboy, I consider that rubbish.

    On the point of HOME, I understand your frustration; however, if you really want to know about HOME just ask the people. I frequent the Playstation forums and received lots of feedback from Betatesters.

    You can go to Youtube and see full walk throughs of HOME. I even blogged about the best videos I found on Youtube a few weeks ago.

    I would highly advise to check them out. We may not be able to play HOME now, but the greatest marketing tool in the world is word of mouth…just take advantage of it.

  • As far as Sony being quiet during the GDC, I completley agree with you. They should be shoving HOME down people’s throats. But…then again, if it’s not ready, it’s not ready. I’ve seen the glitches.

    HOME exists, but Kaz has said several times that he doesn’t want to put out a half-hearted program the size of HOME.

    Honestly, I think Sony should take their time. Get things right. Confirm how developers are going to integrate HOME within their games.

    Saying you don’t believe HOME is there is kind of funny. You were just saying that the XNA Club thing hadn’t really been addressed until now. Sony is not the only guilty party when it comes to delaying things.

  • Awesome show this week guys, i really had a good time listening to it.

    Once again, Sony should have given gamers something to talk about at GDC instead of leaving us in the dark.

  • You guys have radio voices.. Great show!