GameHounds Episode 5: Spit or Swallow

It’s the Saturday after GDC and there’s so much to discuss, we couldn’t fit it all in one podcast.It doesn’t help that we go way off topic catching up with the GameHounds gang and making things up as we go along.Off topic, we dish on what Edie saw at some of the GDC after-parties, what game Peter Molyneaux’s 5-year-old plays, and we settle the age-old question: Does it matter of she swallows?Let’s just say, this is the most unsafe-sex episode we’ve ever done. We get the most out of our explicit tag this time.More on topic, we discuss:

 And too much more to list in one place. You’ll just have to listen.In addition, another opportunity to enjoy some GameHounds swag. We open entries to win a copy of Lego Star Wars for the Wii. How, you ask? We’ll you’ll just have to listen and find out.Enjoy. We did.

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