360 HD-DVD Players are now $49.99!!


Yes ladies and gentleman it has begun, the rumors are over the 360 HD-DVD player ad-on is now only $49.99 at certain locations.(Kmart-online, BestBuy and (used) at some local Gamespots & Gamecrazys). But HD-DVD is dead??? You say… There are currently 386 titles available natively in the US. You may also want to consider that,
HD DVD is region-free. That means you can import HD movies from other countries. Sporadic a CAG from cheapassgamer has put together a fantastic FAQ here. There are also quite a few HD DVD exclusives that may not be available
on Blu-ray for awhile, (I heard as long as next summer) and of course import HD DVD releases that far surpass
native Blue-ray exclusive releases.

My current thoughts are as follow: If you are new to this HD movie thing and have an HDTV and an XBOX360, but no HD player; why not pick up a 50 dollar HD player that also upscales regular DVDs to show off that beautiful display, the way it was meant to be displayed. Saves you 400 for a PS3 or 200 for a 360 blue-ray add-on that may not be available for awhile. Come on 50 dollars… Just do it..even if you don’t have a 360, use it on your PC.

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**Get some HD DVD’s to go with it** DeepDiscount has a major HD DVD sale going on right from as low as $9.98**

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