Lost Via Domus Game Review

Game Review: Lost Via Domus
Release: Feb 27, 2008
Genre: Action Adventure
Developer: Ubisoft
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3,PC
Players: 1
MSRP: $59.99(Xbox 360 and PS3) $29.99(PC)
ESRB Rating: Teen

Let me start off by saying that I am a huge Lost fan, I absolutely love the television show. So I went into this game with really high hopes and expectations of what I wanted due to the story line that I am familiar with. You start of the game really on show one of season one. Now I know what your thinking, damn, I do not want to play the story that I have already watched, but Ubisoft has you covered on that because you actually play a new character. You play a man that has suffered amnesia from the plane crash and spend the first few levels trying to find out who you are and thats really all I am going to say about that because I do not want to spoil any of the storyline for you. So the game itself takes place over the first season of Lost and kind of ends there as well, but lets just get right into the scoring of the game.

Graphics: 7
The island as a whole looks nice but when you start playing the game you start noticing all the little imperfections in the graphics department. While the character details look real nice the animations especially during the game play really suffer. The cinematics are done spectacular but this is not a movie nor television show, this is a game and thats why I really did not bump up the graphics score because of this. Once you start playing the game you will notice clunky movements, blocky characters during the game and just nothing really spectacular.

Sound: 8
Ubisoft did this right by getting the same people that did the score for the television show to do the score for this game. The music in Lost Via Domus ties in with the show perfectly and it adds a lot to the game. What adds even more is the fact they they had several of the stars of Lost lend there voice to the game as well. I believed that the sound was one of the strong points of the game. The only reason that this did not get an even high score for this is because not all the characters voices are in the game, and the ones that they used voice models just did not seem to work for me, as I am a huge fan of the show and I know what they are suppose to sound like. Other then the music and the character voices, the ambient sounds are not bad either, they are not great, but they are not bad.

Gameplay: 6
Lost Via Domus is an action adventure game and most of the time spent in this game is running around and talking to people on the island. This became boring very quick for me. It felt like I would talk to everyone at point A, solve some type of puzzle at point B, then I would run back to point A because the puzzle was solved, and then I would finish off at point C for the episode; this just was not my cup of tea. There puzzle games mostly consist of taking photos of certain objects, like in the flashbacks, fixing some circuit board with fuses and talking to people. In this day and age of gaming there just has to be more then that for the game to be enjoyable.

Controls: 8
This is the controls in a nut shell, left thumbstick moves you, hold right trigger and you sprint and A is to talk. Now you will use all the other buttons in this game but really, thats it. Thats not a bad thing, this game is not complex but there really is not that much to do so it does not need complex controls. You definitely can pick up this game and dive right into it the only awkward thing I really noticed was having to hit up on the d pad to pull up my inventory, this could have been done in a different spot but it works I guess.

Replay: 5
After you beat the six missions there is not really much to do in Lost. You can go back and work your way through the levels just exploring the island which, by the way, is actually ok because if you know the show it just adds a little bit more into the mix. But other then that all you would really do is try to unlock all your achievement points by completely the flashbacks that you might not have done fully or taking pictures of special moments of the game which will unlock achievement points.

Value: 5
Lost Via Domus costs 59.99 and honestly I do not know how they can feel they can charge this amount other then because its just affiliated with the television show. The replay value just is not there, and the games itself us inexcusably too short. The only thing giving this any value is on the Xbox 360 version you at least get easy achievement points, unlike on the Playstation 3 version. I just feel the price tag for this is way wrong, the console versions should have been 29.99 just like its PC counterpart.

Overall: 6
While the controls were easy to pick up and play, the visuals of the game were not bad and the game audio was done quite well that did not save this game from all its pit falls. The length of the game was way too short, and the majority of the game was spent in cut scene (which were done quite well), talking to people on the island and running around. Which, by the way, was awful, you were running in dark caves, running away from the black smoke as well as running away from the others while they were shooting at you. That right there was by far the worst part of this game, it was done too often and it was very frustrating when you failed and that happened quite a bit. I can not recommend spending sixty dollars on this game, a thirty dollar price tag would have impacted my overall score slight bit but still not enough for me to tell you to buy this game. Rent this if your a fan of Lost or an achievement type of person, otherwise stay away.

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  • infectedpb503

    Nice review! I’ll stay away from unless needed! And at least you didn’t enjoy passing my score to much! I’ll be back up there soon!

  • Very detailed and informative review Steve.

    In general, most games based off of tv shows or movies are either not that good, give you easy achievement points, or both.

    I think i will look into it as a rental, since it is easy achievement points.

  • Looks like I’ll be renting this for the ez achievement points then.

  • A Dark Knight 2

    I still gotta own this one. I’m such a huge fan!

  • Luke

    I assume the complaint about value will be negated pretty soon. Ubi drops game prices quite rapidly if the sales aren’t amazing. Especially licensed games.

    Beowulf was in the bargain bin about a month after it came out.

  • soups

    What a horrible review. Probably a fair review (my copy of the game is arriving today) but terribly written! It would be “way _too_ short” or “not _too_ bad”, amongst many many grammatical errors. That was murder and now I feel dumber

  • Eddie

    A very accurate review. This is a game not worth buying. I am a huge fan of the Lost series as well and this game just did nothing for me. The puzzles(which mainly consisted of fuse arrangements in electric panels) weren’t difficult at all in my opinion. Also, the game is only a couple of hours long. It’s like they started production on this game 3 months ago and rushed released it or something. Could have done much better. I can’t believe I wasted my money on it.


    I’m a huge lost fan as well… so easy achievements and a short, non-replayable game… this is why I love GameFly!!!

  • Mister Faraday

    Hmm, In agreement with the ease of completion. However, it was great fun to discover all those unexplored areas of the hatch and to have a good old run around all the famous spots from the show! For me, it was worth it just for the fact that the whole game is like a giant easter egg!

  • scott

    can someone tell me how to do the fuses in the hatch please.

  • hms.

    I love this show so much, so of course I went and got this on day one. But I gotta say, I really hate it. Its apparently a really short game, but I’m not done with it yet. THis is due to the fact that the “Previously on Lost” Sections can’t be skipped. On the part where you have to run from the black smoke monster and jump over logs and slide under things, this is intolerable. I’ve been stuck there for 2 days, If you die it takes like 2 minutes of watching something I’ve seen 200 times, so I can try again!!!!!!! Pretty much I try it like twice, die, get mad and put in a good game Like “Call of duty 4”.

  • If you find out how to do the fuses on the circuit boards in the hatch please let me know also.

  • lloydy2k7

    If you want the quickest way of doing the fuses then type in lost via domus walk through in google and click on the first link and go down to the end of the page and click walk through,its all there 🙂

  • Larissa

    What would you recommened is the best game to play. Lost: Via Domus on PS3, PC or XBOX360 Version? Thanks

  • Nick Dreimiller

    How do you do the one in the Bed room?
    I got all the other two but not that on
    I need help!
    Send me a photo or talk me through it please.

  • AR67TH comment2 ,

  • Lobo De Sade

    So far I fucking hate this game, it’s too safe, there are no real consequences to your actions, you don’t have to choose certain dialogue options to gain trust from the other NPCs, the cutscense were unskippable, it was too linear, you couldn’t really explore because there was always a predefined path, they should have made it open world, I often found myself getting stuck on things that in the real world I could just step over. Some of the voice acting is horrible, I’m looking at whoever did the voice acting for Charlie, the first cutscene with Charlie, when they were running away from the Big Smoke as I call him, when Charlie said ‘monster’ it just sounded so detached from the world and brought me out of the experience a bit. I love Lost, and yes the story of the game is good, and I will continue to play it just t experience the story, but sometimes when I get killed, and have to rewatch a five minute unskipable cutscene I feel like punching something. The controls are clunky as fuck too, like on the xbox you get used to certain buttons being applicable to certain actions, but in this game that all goes out the window, and allot of the things you do happen by pure luck, like the fuse puzzles, I had no idea what to do, but I solved it by pure luck, and that was the only hard part in an otherwise all too easy and too safe game, the developers took no risks. It’s an easy 1000g but once I complete this I will never look at it again, unless I’m having a Lost marathon and want to experience as much of the story as possible, in which case I’ll just read the script to the game. They had so much potential with this, they could have made it open world, that would have made the gameplay allot better, maybe make some areas inaccessible, but for the most part make it open world, because sometimes when you’re getting chased by Smokey or one of the others you forget the predefined path, an you’re getting stuck on things you should be able to step over. If you’re a die hard Lost fan play for the story, otherwise stay away. It had some great ideas, but poor execution. Like they could have done so much more with the photographic cut scenes, but no, if you miss your mark it just replays, they should have added some consequence, where if you fail it you have to find some other way to open it again by doing some form of task, and there could have been more action. I’m sorry, I’m ranting, I’m just pissed off that the developers of this game were lazy ass merchants that just held our hands the whole through the game, and walked us right into one inch high rocks that for some reason none of us could step over, and invisible walls galore. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.