NOW I’ll buy a PS3.

Hi folks, Cooper Hawkes here.One of my biggest complaints about the PS3 is that it always seemed like a work in progress.  Close, but no cigar, and a bunch of other euphamisms that I won’t drain your brain with.But now, it is a system worth owning.On June 12th that is.Here’s the article courtesy of Kotaku.Not ONLY is it the 80GB model with (Limited but..) PS2 backwards compatibility.  Not ONLY does it come with Metal Gear Solid 4 included in the bundle.  It ALSO comes with one Dual Shock 3 controller.That’s rumble to those out of the loop.All for $499.99. Microsoft? You can’t top that right now.  This is the bundle that beats you from a hardcore gaming perspective.Game on guys and girls, this is shaping up to be the PS3 year indeed.Hawkes

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