TQcast Episode 24


Desz strait from Happy Hour, and Filty strait from the rack. Latest tech and gaming news TQ style, The bar of the year "Biff’s Bar". F the world!! I gots HD DVD! plus the TQ style reviews, picks and anything else we want to talk about, plus much much more..Get your earphones..

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  • lol, Desz you should go Blu Ray lol

    who did you play last time? with that score it couldn’t have been me. And filty all those wow’s when Desz said that hurt, they really hurt.

    wow, 7 for ass creed? seems fair

    Paul from the Video Game Cheerleaders, love it!!

  • No problem with the hook up Desz, im more than happy to do it.

    7 sounds like a score that i would give the DS version of the game(Assasins Creed), but i havent played the 360 version yet so i cant make a fair judgement about that game.

  • Ass Creed for 360 was good, but I wish they would of hinted the ending a bit more during the whole game..