DIY Playstation 3 320GB SKU

What’s interesting about this generation’s consoles is how polar opposite they are. One will get something perfectly right while the other makes an outrageous blunder. Everyone can whole heartedly agree that the Xbox 360’s “elite” hard drive, offering 120GB of space for $180, is a text book example of screwing the consumer.

By comparison, in Playstation 3 world $180 bucks can get you 320GB of space to fill.

Just a little something to think about if you feel the need to upgrade. Or if you haven’t picked up a PS3 yet and don’t care about backwards compatibility, 400 + 180 = $580 will get you your own custom built 320GB SKU, which will surely make your neighbors envious.

And if you don’t know how to swap hard drives, here’s a little vid showing you how stupid easy it is:

Not bad for a console that cares less about security than its competitors.

Bonus: Enter promo code EMCACCCBB for a quick $20 saving, making final price $159. The code *should* still work.

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  • mik

    To make the direct comparison on capacity, a 120GB drive will run you $70, making a 120GB PS3 $470–$20 more than an elite, but with Blu-Ray and Wi-fi.

  • If you look at it though, you are getting more space for less the price than the new SKU with the Dualshock 3 controller will cost. Waiting to buy that one would probably be a better deal though.