n+ Video Review

Todays Gamers Video Update is a video review so here you go,’s official video review of n+ for the Xbox Live Arcade.

MSRP 9.99 or 800 MS Points

+ Lots of content
+ Plenty of different multiplayer modes
+ Ragdoll deaths are quite fun
+ Level editor gives unlimited replay…
-…but you can’t share levels

– Uneven learning curve
– Save system is buggy
– A little less grey would be nice

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  • Good review, too bad you didn’t get any footage of us playing co-op and chiahippo making us restart the levels 1000 times.

  • mik

    He’s a ninja?

    P.S. That game is rubbish.

    P.P.S. Nice review though.

  • Thrillhouse17

    P.P.P.S. The co-op is a blast. You should have joined me, chia, and nasero. 3 hours flew by.

  • The multiplayer co-op modes are a blast. Good Review thrillhouse this game is fun as hell.

  • Even though the graphics are simple, the game looks like it could be alot of fun.

    Great job on the Review Thrill, look forward to seeing more.

  • aayanna

    Cool review Thrill. Was wondering what some people were playing. I downloaded last night. Looks like could be a lot of fun.

  • Trogdor Burn

    I’ve been playing this for a week. Almost as soon as I downloaded it, my brother and I began creating custom levels for each other. My brother like making “Multiplayer Coop” levels but making me play through them as single player. I’m sure he enjoys watching me die at the hands of his devilishly hard traps. I create melee “Survival” levels which focus on using enemies to stimulate the game play. Some well placed rockets, or a wall of rockets, really make things interesting.

    As a final note, you can trade your custom levels, but not in the regular sense. If you play a “Multiplayer Coop” level, you have the opportunity to save it at the end. This saves the episode to your local system. The only difference between the type of level is in the level properties, accessible from pressing start on the controller. In this way, you can actually create a “Survival” level, change its type, save it as a co-op level (need to add a door at the start position), and then save it locally. This won’t save the level, but rather it saves the episode… as 5 levels are really considered one monolithic entity. The other user can then reverse the process to try their ideas too.

    I agree though, my biggest complaint is the lack of a “marketplace” for custom creations. I’d love to be able to upload mine to a wider audience and I hope that Slick would update this game to provide a way to do so.

    I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth from this game for sure.

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