Why I Am Not Spreading The Microsoft Love

As most of you know I have recently been hit with the infamous red rings of death again on my 360, this time it was my 9 month old Xbox 360 Elite that decided to quit working on me. So I hit up customer service, again, to try to get this fixed. I went through all the trouble shooting procedures with them one again, even though I did all the proper things before I even called them. I even tried Desz’s (from tried and true way to fix it:

and still no luck. After about 30 minutes of talking with them they are sending me my coffin, by the way, 30 minutes is way to long to be on the phone with them for something that I know whats wrong with it and I already knew how to resolve this (There is a way you can actually do this online too, its a lot faster and without all hassle of dealing with people on the phone that will not fully understand you but I had another issue that I had to deal with too).

  • I don’t know if you are familiar with the towel trick, Steve, but if you are willing to spend about 30 minutes a week to do it, you will probably be able to expand that 360’s life for another month or two. Also if the 360 is out of warranty and you could use the extended warranty for the RROD, then you can use that towel trick to force the three red rings.

  • Heh… nevermind, guess I should watch the videos first.