The Gamers Pub, Episode 22

The Gamers Pub, Episode 22

Topics Include:
What we are drinking
What we are playing
Steve whoring himself around
RRoD strike The Gamers Pub
Street Fighter IV trailer
COD 4 title update released
God of War PSP: Really, really short
GTA IV to run at 30 FPS on PS3 and 360
Playstation 3 gets Metal Gear online beta in April
Sony announces special PS3 and PSP pack
Weapons of Vegas 2
P*N World Cup
Baby Gifts
Listener Mail
All this and more!

Intro song by the band BIG WIG check them out at Our outro song this week is One More Time by Mike Pinto

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  • Johnathan Smith

    Thank you berry berry mooch for the menchion of our xbox live customer support experience.

    Berry Berry gud shows buddies.

  • Sucks to hear about your problems with Microsoft customer service Steve, not good times. I have also encountered some bad customer service lately, but not with microsoft, i will go into more detail about it on the next .5 show.

    Gui J, get better, so that you can have more energy for next week.

    Sound effects made me laugh, bring some more for next time.

    Excellent show, waiting for the next one.

  • Krato Soprano

    Nice show guys. Hope you get better soon Gui J, cause Steve by himself just makes it a negative show.jk

    Nice sound effects, a sick new feature for the Show.