The Poor Man’s $14 Steadycam

Steadycams (or camera stabilizers) are attachments used to capture
smooth looking video even when the camera and camera operator are in
motion. The camera operator may walk (or even jog), move through tight
hallways and doorways, and even climb up and down stairs without
shaking the camera. Unfortunately, professional steadycams cost around
$1500. Even the cheap 3rd party ones cost $600+ –Johnny Lee

Ok, so after reading Johnny Lee’s article, and instructions on how to build a $14 steadycam, the TQ crew decided to build one of these.

Let’s just say that we cover some tips and instructions that were missing or confusing in our eyes (and quite possibly the reason why people send him $40 for a pre-built steadycam). Not only did we build a steady cam without having extra parts at the end, but we also shot a before and after motion difference in our video. Check it out!

Not bad at all, but we still need to test it in different environments and situations. I’ll keep you updated.

Posted by:Desz

  • Who’s the rider with the yellow Icon lid and what to they ride? 😛

  • “Ow, freaking johnny lee”, sorry Desz, but that part just made me laugh my ass off, lol.

    For what its worth, this looks like something that could help me out when im doing video reviews.

  • A Dark Knight 2

    Awesome job Desz and crew!
    I’d have to send in my $40 though, because I don’t have the tools.

  • I’ll be competitive TQ price is

  • thats just an awesome video desz, I’ll take 2!! You take paypal?