XBLRadio ver 62.5 – “New Hosts! New Show! New Site Design! Viva La Revolution”



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introducing our Newest Host!

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we can’t forget out Guest!

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As the title implies The Revolution is in full force here at XBLRadio. A couple months some small, nobody listeners were called on to take over the helm of XBLRadio. They struggled at first, heck we are still struggling a little. But the honeymoon is over and with a New Host, Congrats to Mr B4, a New Site, Thanks Mik & Steve519, and some hard work we are going to start producing the quality shows you, the listeners, deserve. I hope this is the start of The Revolution and it continues through out the Platform Nation! (more…)


    Damn I guess my half assed DW6 review got axed 🙂

  • Kosamus

    Pretty good guys! I thought this version came out really well. It was really long though, which isn’t bad at all.

  • Thrillhouse17

    Did Keman take a couple helium hits at about the 1:30 mark? His voice seems to go up a couple octaves and speeds up.

  • Listening now. So far pretty good, it kind of feels like like an old .5 to me. Good stuff.

    B4 you need to fix you sh!t. Really, whats up with your router or network that your not playing on xbox live? You know that Xbox Live is really now the only reason I think to own a Xbox, or at least the biggest reason. Hit me up about this.

    I’m pumped for GOW, I don’t care that they are releasing the g4w levels either, i never got a chance to play they so I’m thrilled that they are coming this way.

    And ya Malt, you are an old fart!! I was born in 1980 so Aliens came out before I was born. I don’t really care for the game though.

    I have heard some real good things about American Idol, yes it was from MS but from what it sounded like its like a Sing Star with the American Idol name.

    sniff, sniff boo hoo, InfectedPB503 ya lost, simple as that, suck it up. And yes I lost to the computer, not to paul or you. It was 3 vs 1 hmm who is going to win?

    Oh and here is a tip for you all, when your going to do a podcast, lay off the helium, it just doesn’t sound very well, lol.

  • Krato Soprano

    Good show guys, I wish i was on this .5 show.