New Challengers: Part 3

Whats up everybody, and welcome to the final part of our three part series featuring the new characters, their special moves, and new levels that you will be able to find in Brawl. I am your host, Mr B4, let us get right to it.

Note: Each character and level includes which game they first appeared in, or the idea that they came from.

The final set of challengers are:

1. Zero Suit Samus (Metroid: Zero Mission for GBA)

2. Olimar & Pikmin (Pikmin for GC)

3. Ike (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for GC)

4. Lucas (Mother 3/Earthbound for GBA)

The last set of levels include:

1. Norfair (Based off of Brimstar level from Melee)

2. Frigate Orpheon ( Based off of level from Metroid Prime for GC))

3. Distant Planet ( New level for Olimar & Pikmin)

4. Castle Siege (New level for Ike)

5. New Pork City (Based off of level from Mother 3/Earthbound for GBA)

This concludes the series featuring the new challengers available for Brawl. Thank you for watching, and see you all tomorrow for yet another video, which will feature some gameplay from the US version of Brawl.

Take Care gamers and see you tomorrow,

Take Care,

Mr B4

  • I can’t wait!!

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