Another Great Deal: Sony PS3 for $300

What the hell am I doing? I’m just crazy with deals the last couple days.C-c-c-craaaaazy with deals.Another one that’s just not bad no matter how you slice it.SonyStyle Store is offering a fairly sweet deal on a 40 gig PS3 with a Six Axis controller (ie: the non-rumbling one) for $399.99 with free shipping. But you can work an angle to knock a C-note off the price.At the check out screen, you’re offered a Sony credit card, and if you accept, you get a $100 credit. Apply for the card, and if you’re approved (which is immediate as long as you have good credit), the price of that PS3 immediately drops to $300.You can also pull the same trick with the 80 gig PS3, knocking the $500 price to $400 delivered to your door.That’s a mighty nice deal, if you have the credit rating. 

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