Just my friggin Luck!

Snowstorm results

Well everyone I do have yet another update for you about something related to Brawl. Today’s update though is a very sad story about something that happened to me today. My name is Mr B4, and let us get right to the story.

Today for me was supposed to be the day when I go to the midnight sale for Brawl at my local Gamestop, but because of the recent snowstorm that has occurred in the great state of Ohio, it does not look like that this is going to happen. In a little over a day and a half, Cleveland, Ohio got hit with over 11 inches of snow, and needless to say, I cannot even attempt at trying to get out of my house because the snow is so high off of the ground that i cannot open up either door of my house to go outside.

In spite of the bad weather, I still decided to call Gamestop to find out what was going on with the midnight sale. I was told that not only was the midnight sale cancelled, but the tournament date has been changed to tomorrow as well. I know one day does not sound like much, and I might sound like a whiner, but this was an event that I was excited about going to, and now it is not going to happen, and that makes me mad. What makes it worse is that I just made this call at around 3 PM today, and I received no message before hand informing me that the event was cancelled, WTF.

So either way, I am not having a good day. If you think I am exaggerating about how much snow there is outside, take a look at the picture I posted at the top of this article and call me a liar.

That is enough of my rants for today though, I am out. I will still try to get at least some video of me playing brawl for the first time when I play in the tournament, but that is all that I can promise you at this point.

Take Care gamers and see you later

Take Care,

Mr B4

  • don’t take this the wrong way B4 but you just remind me so much like Charlie Brown

  • Being the hardcore snowboarder that I am, I’d take the snow over anything any day!!!


    I totally agree with you man, I’m so tired of the snow where I live, it isn’t even funny. I want warm weather soon

  • I have never seen snow up and close.

  • mik

    On the bright side, at least you didn’t have to play Super Smash Brothers.

  • TeeTocks

    (Throws snowballs at B4)