Circuit City makes HD-DVD players worthy


For all who purchase an HD-DVD player in the last 90 days from Circuit City, they are offering a "do-over" refund/trade-in. This is something that you will have to mention, they will not contact you, or promote it by any means. Circuit City will take back the HD-DVD player and apply it’s original purchase price towards a new Blue-Ray player or PS3. I’m sure this will also work with the XBOX360’s external HD drive. Hope this helps someone. And by the way taking your recently HD-DVD movies back is a no go, just sell those on craigslist or e-bay.

Circuit City will allow consumers to trade in their HD DVD
players at face value, as long as they have the original receipt,
regardless of how long ago the purchase was made. And according to some other sites, they can also give you a gift card if you don’t want to use the credit for a Blue-Ray player.

Let me know if you hear anything different.

Posted by: Desz

  • so desz, did you do take advantage of this deal too? Or are you offering to buy all the returned movies from Circuit City?