OzBoxLive Radio #026 – Half Way

In this weeks episode of OzBoxLive Radio…

News and Announcements with Kane


Interview – Alen (Go Solid)

Xcessory of the Week Universal Media Remote

Group Discussion – Influential Video Game Characters

Competition – Tell us in 25 Words or less… What type of Dinosaur you would want as a pet and what tricks would you teach it?

Send your answer to [email protected] with your Name, GamerTag and Location in Australia or New Zealand and you could win a copy of Turok thanks to Funtastic, along with a copy of The Official Australian Xbox Magazine AND a “Making of – MASS EFFECT DVD“, AND a Halo 3 Bag worth $50 Bucks AND lots more goodies.


Xbox ZoneCommunity Events and Game On
Go Solid DOA4 and Halo3 Online Comp II
MyGENBully Preview
Dimorphic 360Local Vs Online Gaming
360-HQCall of Duty 4 Patch Released
Level 3 Podcast Episode 4
Xbox World AustraliaArmy of Two LIVE Calendar
XboxOZ360Ron Curry Interview
Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote
The Official Australian Xbox Magazine

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