Platform Nation’s MLB 2K8 Official Baseball League

As the title states,
we here at XBLRadio and Platform Nation are going to be holding an Official MLB 2K8 Baseball League!

Now you may have seen a recent post by Steve519, also of the Platform Nation, about a baseball league for MLB 08 The Show (on the PS3). For arguments sake lets refer to that as they do the National League, “The Senior Circuit”, and we will consider this league like the America League, “The Junior Circuit”.


So if you have MLB 2K8 the show or are getting soon. Sign up over on the forums at Platform Nation by March 24th, 2008 and Opening Day of the 2008 MLB Season will also be Opening day for P*N MLB 2K8 League.


And lets show “The Seniors” what a bunch of “Juniors” can do… (be just like high school all over again!).


Make it to the World Series and you are Guaranteed a Prize. No diamond rings or huge trophies, but you will get bragging rights over all of Platform Nation as well as…


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