The Fanboys Lunchcast: Episode 36

Sooooooo soothing

Episode 36: Deep Tissue (44:30)

Featuring TMI about Sooch’s posterior, Bully 360, God of War: Chains of Olympus, The Club, Army of Two, listener mail, GTA IV, how to reload your AR-15 when one arm has been shot, and Tales from the G-string.

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  • What a great show guys

    Ssooch thanks for making me sick 5 mins into the show. And I have something for all you Ssooch fans out there, here are some twitter highlight from the man himself:
    “Man I can’t wait to shed some pounds so my cock will look bigger!”
    “I need to get some Astro Pops to shove up my ass”
    “awake..taking a shit”
    “just chatted with mik from… I would so pump that guy!”
    “I’m so gay for Kratos!”
    “stroking my new iMac”

    Mik if your going to talk about you better share the link, I’m sure Vimax Extender(your paid advertisers) wouldn’t be to happy if you forgot to tell people where to go.

    Like I said, great show guys and another great Tales from the G=String

    Josh you should share your PSN info.