TQcast Episode 25


Why do we tolerate the red ring? Filty on fire!! All eyes on PS3, Bioshock 2 confirmed,why your wii may not play Smash Bro’s, Platformnation MLB08 show (PS3) league, Exclusive drink tip strait from Biff’s Bar.. Plus much more

Tip for smash brothers chat
P*N Baseball Leagues
MLB08 The Show(PS3)
MLB2K8 (360)
Get your Smash Bro’s disc issue fixed
Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller mo Deal$
Listen to TQcast EP25 to learn how you can win a copy of "Patapon" for the PSP

Posted by: Desz

  • sounding totally Steve519? lol.

    Desz I partly agree with you, I agree with the being tired of Xbox 360 being a POS. But I do not agree with you about the great customer service. Now I like many people that work for M$, they are some really cool people but there customer service sucks ass, I am having nothing but issues with them on my console issues.

    Filty don’t bounce on me, you and desz still better stick with us on xbox live

    sniff, sniff. I don’t carry my show?

    Great show guys I really enjoyed it

  • Best episode I’ve heard so far. Maybe it was the love for the PS3, maybe it wasn’t.

    One thing is for sure…TQ Cast delivers nothing but the TRUTH and I’m not talking basketball players!

    Keep it cranking!