New GameHounds Site… Now on Platform Nation!!

What can I say. We’re finally up and running on this new site. 

And notice. No flowers.

There are some hitches to the new site, however, and try as I may, I haven’t figured out a solution. Probably because I know as much about CSS and PHP as I do neurosurgery: Just enough to get into trouble.

First issue: I love all your comments from the old site, but I wasn’t able to migrate them over to the new site.

Second issue, and it’s a big one: The “Previous posts” and “Next posts” links at the bottom of the pages don’t really take you anywhere but the front page. I’ve spent about seven hours trying to figure out why, but still haven’t figured it out. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

In the meantime, you can find all our old posts and podcasts on our Archives page while I work out this last elusive bug.

But most importantly, and this is the Big News: We are the newest members of Platform Nation!

And we can’t be more thrilled. This community of podcasters represents not only gamers but damn fine podcasting, and we’re tickled we were invited to join.

You’ll be hearing a lot more of Cooper Hawkes and me on all the affiliated Platform Nation podcasts in the near future, and you’ll be hearing from the Platform Nation folks on our podcasts.

Support these guys. They represent what is good and wholesome about gaming and podcasting.

That’s all the news we have to tell, but it’s a large amount to take in at once, so let it soak in until you hear from us on our next episode.

If you have any advice, comments about the design of the new site, or general chit-chat, email us at [email protected].

Thanks again for your patience. I’d send you flowers, but after this site redesign, I hate flowers.


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  • CONGRATS!! love these two ever since the days of GamerAndy! and will enjoy having them part of P*N.

    Welcome Edie and David (CooperHawkes)!

  • Congrats!!

    I know all of us here at P*N are thrilled to have you aboard.

  • Jeremiah Night

    Welcome to the Nation guys!

  • Congrats woot!!

  • Welcome to the nation!

  • Congrats, let me know if you need anything.

  • starcade

    Way cool. Glad to see Gamehounds on Platform Nation.

  • Welcome and stuff.

  • Welcome to the site guys. Have been a fan for years.

    ps. I’m still a big fan!!!