Gamer’s Video Update March 14, 2008

Topics Include:

MS Not in talks with Sony about Blu-Ray
Lost Planet Colonies first details revealed
PC versions of Assassins Creed and R6 Vegas 2 delayed
Firmware 2.17 update now available for PS3
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Disc read error hits US
U.S. PSN, PlayStation Store PC update for March 13
Unreal Engine 4 to focus on next generation of consoles
All this and more!

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  • Jeez Steve, your face is glowing like one of the aliens in cocoon 2!

  • Jeremiah Night

    lol yeah your face is glowing steve.
    Great GVU!

    no throwing paper anymore???

  • i was having some fun with the color effects

  • Thrillhouse17

    Looks like you might have jaundice. I’d get that checked out. Get a PS3. It doesn’t take your XBLA games from you.