This Weekish (a traditional blog entry)

Internet is such a wonderful thing. I love it. When it works.

It could not have picked a worse time to stop working. I’ve been a nervous mess these last couple days, unable to check on my precious Rockets (and their streak of greatness). Seems like they don’t need my attention and are doing just fine — currently 21 without China’s pride Yao. Hopefully Kobe will get arrested and Garnett will get injured, and this streak can continue. My prediction: It’s been fun, but all good things must end.

While catching up on the world’s doings, current exchange rates (ugh), and politics at, I was surprised that their front page “Quick Question” was actually video game related:




Should shareholders of game publisher Take-Two accept the bid from Electronic Arts? The real question should be “Do you know what these companies are, and do you care if one buys the other?”. Most of “us” gamers, we that check up on industry news, know what they’re asking. The general public though? While videogames are finally starting to become mainstream (thanks in large part to the Wii), assuming people actually care enough to know who Take-Two or EA are, much less the impact of one gobbling up the other, is a bit much.At least it’s nice to see the gaming industry get some front page space that doesn’t pertain to turning kids into murderers, rapists and sexaholics.

Sony was kind enough to update the PS3’s firmware to 2.17. According to internet forums the press release read as follows:
The PLAYSTATION®3 system software version 2.17 update includes the following:

Settings – The XMB™ can still not be accessed in-game

Music – No new patterns were added to the visual player

Video – Video codecs previously supported are still supported, or are they?

Other – [You get nothing] has been added


It wouldn’t be a normal week without some kind of 360 related issue. With no internet this week all my XBLA games reverted to trial mode — no surprise. But now that internet is back and am to sign onto the “premier” (only because it costs money) Xbox Live service, I’m pissed as fuck that some of my games still don’t work. Catan, Golden Axe, and a couple other games I purchased won’t unlock the full versions. At the dashboard, under the XBLA menu My Games, they appear intact…but when accessed they revert to the gimped trial version and prompt me to purchase the full version. I’ve tried redownloading the games, deleting them and then redownloading, but no luck. If anyone knows how to fix this issue send a message my way.


And finally, if you own a Wii, buy Zack and Wiki. I’ve been playing a lot of it this week and love it. It’s an old school point and click adventure game with some Warioware sprinkled in. Amazon has it for 30 bucks. Get it.


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  • BTW, you can also pick up this game up at gamestop for the same price.

  • And by this game, i mean zack and wiki.