The Gamers Pub Episode 24

The Gamers Pub, Episode 24
Topics Include:
What we are drinking
What we are playing
Steve talks a lot of balls,baseballs!
Capcom gets major pub love
GTA Multiplayer details
Where have we been?
New Burnout DLC to be free
Street Fighter II HD file size no longer a Problem on 360
Assault Heroes 2
All this and more!

Intro song by the band BIG WIG check them out at Our outro song this week is Cooley McCoolsen by Monsieur Leroc feat. Bargain Josh

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  • Dang for a second I though GUI J was MIA Steve519?? No way that was not him, this guy was really on point on this show.. I like how you guys left it as a hanger.. Great idea!! Info was top notch guys, it’s amazinggg how well this show went even though it was cut short.

    Steve if you quit, then I quit.. I can’t quit you!

    Stay up!

  • Great show guys, enjoyed it as usual.

    Other than bowling, eating, going out to a bar, or going to the movies, there really is not that much to do in Ohio other than play video games.

    I am going to try MLB 08 the show for the PSP, since i do not own a PS3.

    Brawl to me is still a great game despite it quirks, so do not expect me to advocate it along with you anytime soon.

    Everyone of the baby gifts was my idea, except for the outfits Steve, my GF picked those out for me.

    Let’s get going on this meet and greet Gui J, call me up so we can talk about it some more.

    Can’t wait for the next show, i am sure it will be AMAAAZZZZZINNNG!!!!!.