Sorry everyone!

Hey everybody at Platform Nation and XBL Radio, it is Mr B4 here to give you the latest news about what i going on in the gaming community. I do want to sadly say that I have no news article for you this week simply because i have had alot of things to do in the past couple days that have prohibited me from having time to look for news stories.

What was I doing that kept me busy, well, i was just recently on the latest episode of the State of the Nation podcast for Platform Nation this Sunday. I also just got done co-hosting my first .5 show with INFECTEDPB503, which also happened on Sunday. So needless to say I had a busy weekend, especially since all of the show that was recorded on Saturday was lost, and had to be rerecorded on Sunday(Nobodies fault, just a stubborn computer).

In the end, it was a hectic couple of days and I just could not find much time to do anything else. I will do my best to have a news story for all of you next week though, so be on the lookout for that.

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off

Take Care,


P.S- Do not forget to check out State of the Nation 4 and 63.5 when they come out this week.