Episode Update, Insane Distraction

This is a good news, bad news, good news, Whoa!-wtf news post.

The good news is we finally have a show recording date. The bad news is the podcast will be 100 percent Hawkes-free this week.

As you know, Hawkes’ life is complicated, and that means if we don’t record Saturday night, we don’t record.

The good news part II (… electric boogaloo) is that we will still have a show. Our guest co-host will be Thrillhouse17 of PSHRadio podcast. We’ll be recording Tuesday and it will be posted the same day.

In the meantime, here’s your daily dose of WTF to distract you. Something so unbelievably weird and wrong, I just have to post it

Behold! When you’re not teabagging your buddies on CoD4, you can now teabag your favorite television character.

I give you… Pipedream Products‘ new line of celebrity look-alike sex dolls!


In the case of Lindsey Lohan, it’s pretty much the real thing, but without the STDs.

Yes, it’s true. Yes, it’s real. And it’s comic genius.

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  • lol!!!

    I think I might order the “Sarah Jessica Porkher Loves Sex In Her Sh*tty”. My wife is a big Fan of Sarah and I’m sure she would appreciate this as a gift. Ok maybe not but I still might get it.

    Thirllhouse17 is a podcast whore. Steve519 better watch his back because Thrillhouse17 may steal his official “PodWhore” title lol.
    Also as of this posting at 4:55PM PST is down.

  • and its back up that fast..

    but edie think you just saved my marriage!! thanks!

  • mik

    As soon as the Al Bundy model becomes available, mark me down for one celebrity-look-alike sex doll.