GameHounds Episode 8: Hawkesless Tuesday

Despite the best efforts of God, Murphy’s Law and Comcast, GameHounds Episode 8: Hawkesless Tuesday is finally available for download.

As you may know, we had a rocky weekend, and thus we were unable to bring Hawkes along for the ride for this later-than-usual podcast.

Standing in for Hawkes at Edie’s side this week is Thrillhouse17 of PSH Radio, another of the fine podcasts of Platform Nation.

Looks like we joined at the perfect time. Less than a week in the network and we were already whoring for fill-in hosts.

This week, Edie and Thrillhouse, who joined us from Italy discuss:

Download at all the usual places.

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  • mik

    Muse – Hysteria

    Son of a bitch. 🙁

  • have you ever built a website?…Thrillouse?…Hello?

    The only time where thillhouse seems to get excited is when the talk turns gay, he seemed to get so excited then, way to much so.

    Still listening, but its a really great show so far.