XBLRadio ver 63.7: “Mr B4’s Wii Corner & Forceman4077’s TV/Moive Cast”

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XBL Radio Ver 63.5

Well as the title implies this episode is full of Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Lost Talk and a little wager on summer movies…

And un-knowingly I assembled the Platform Nation PR Team as guests:


F and A Eternal:


Also Steve519 joins us to give a first hand review of Rainbow 6 Vegas: 2.

Pretty sure not many of you have it and won’t till probably tomorrow, but there is a written review here and a audio review of the single player on this podcast.

Not to mention a flurry of other great announcements for Platform Nation and those affiliated with it…

Little sneak peak here:

but your going to have to listen to the show for all of them.