Clarification: Turok Dinosaur Sounds

I wanted to clarify the rules of the dinosaur sound contest to win the copy of Turok this week.

In the podcast, I said in an offhand way, “Go ahead and use effects.”

Only afterwards did I realize that your “effects” and my “effects” are two different things. As a household of professional sound wonkiness, “effects” means post-production processing you add to sounds — like echo, flange, and reverb. In this case it does NOT mean “go download a sound effect from Jurassic Park” or something.

In order to be considered you must — and I can’t stress this enough — you MUST produce the dinosaur imitation yourself. Or have a friend do it. Or a little sister. Or whatever, just as long as you record the imitation. And you can add “effects” (ie: reverb, echo, et al) so it to make it sound awesome.

If you want to press your luck, you might talk us into allowing you to lay that sound over a background ambient sound… like jungle noises or something.

But the actual dinosaur sound CANNOT be a “sound effect” from another source. There’s just nothing funny about that. Or fun. You must make this sound, not lift it from another source.

Just pretend you’re Ben Burtt and go crazy.

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