The Gamers Pub Episode 25

The Gamers Pub, Episode 25
Topics Include:
What we are drinking
What we are playing
Rock Band Updates itself and continues to take over the world
COD4 and Halo 3 DLC Maps info & details
Guitar Hero DS
Community Pranksters
Ubisoft gets hard over Tom Clancy
Steve goes drives GUI J crazy!
All this and more!

Intro song by the band BIG WIG check them out at Our outro song this week is Long Walk Home by Citizen King

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  • Thrillhouse17

    I think Gui joined Nick in the closet, I can barely hear him.

  • hahahaha, nice mariachi great show Steve-519 and GUI J.

  • Great show guys, Gui J, you sound a little bit depressed, have a beer and get over it.