Top 10 must haves for the iPhone

Ok as most of you know I just picked up a new iPhone thanks to Desz, thank you Desz. And first I want to say, wow, this phone is amazing. I wasn’t quite sure how I would like it being a long time Blackberry owner (I’m putting away my new Blackberry 8310 for the iPhone), especially because of how much I loved the email on the Blackberrys. But the iPhone doesn’t disappoint, yes that 15 min refresh time on all emails isn’t instant but for all the other plus I now get, I will gladly settle for having to wait a few more minutes between emails.

Anyways the reason I’m writing this is because I know several of you have iPhones and several more of you are planning on picking one up soon so I figured I would share with you what I have for my top 10 must have software or links, and these are in no order by the way.

  1. ZiPhone – This is the first must use piece of software, it will take your iPhone or iPod touch and fully unlock it so you can install any 3rd party native application (it even installs the install program where you can search for all native apps). It will also allow you to use your iPhone on any carrier, not just AT&T.
  2. iPhoneLocator – Install this and it will update itself to your facebook account at a set interval that you establish to show you where your iPhone is. Now I know what your thinking, “Why would I want someone to always know where I am?”. Well you can set the privacy options so only you can see but the reason that this is greatly important it if you either loose your phone or if someone swipes it. Think of this as a free LoJack option for iPhones.
  3. NES – A full NES emulator for your iPhone. If you put this on your phone you can add around 70 of some of the greatest games that ever came out and only take up around 5mb of space.
  4. Pushr – This is perfect for all you Flickr users out there. With Pushr you can upload all your pictures that you took with your iPhone and easliy upload them to your Flickr Account. All it takes is a couple button presses and its all done.
  5. SummerBoard – With SummerBoard you can completly customize the way everything looks on your iPhone with the use of free and ready to download themes.
  6. iToner – iToner is a Mac application that allows you to take any of your mp3’s and add them to your iPhone for use as ringtones. Its made by the same people who make WireTap Studio on the mac and if you combine those two programs you can pretty much have a limitless selection of ringtones to choose from by ripping the iTunes previews of songs.
  7. PocketTweets – Probably the best looking and easiest way to Twitter on the iPhone.
  8. Zinio – Zinio is a medium that several magazines use to digital distribute there magazines. Well right now you can use it to look and read several of its magazines for free, anywhere in the world just by using your iPhone. The magazines include, Macworld, Playboy, men’s Health, Popular mechanics, Car and Driver, Maxim, PC Magazine and many other.
  9. Platform Nation – A must have site to have added to your iPhone desktop for any gamer. Its the best way to be kept in the know by a group of like minded gamers that speak for you, not for the corporations.
  10. MobileCast – A great way to have access to all your podcasts but instead of downloading them to your iPhone you can actually stream them over the net thus saving a whole lot of space.

Well thats what I have for my must have lists. Please feel free to comment and throw your suggestions in on other must haves. I’m also on the lookout for a high quality IM client on the iPhone. I do not want one of those web based versions because I just like how a actually application preforms so if you know of any please let me know. I have tried Apollo and MobileChat but I was disappointed in both.

And before I end this here are some other notables that I really feel you should check out.

  • smartRSS – The best looking and functioning RSS reader on the iPhone
  • VNotes – A very cool voice recorder for your iPhone
  • My eBay – Monitor your eBay auctions right from your phone
  • Capture – A very simple and awesome screen capture program for your phone
  • Engadget– Probably the best tech and gadget blog out there
  • Wikipedia – A special Wikipedia layout made for the iPhone and iPod touch