Cheaters don’t prosper, they get their gamerscore set to 0

It seems as though the number 1 gamerscore whore has been busted for cheating. Part of the Terms of Service for LIVE, you are not allowed to artificially boost your score. This includes using game saves to get achievements. StripclubDJ has had his gamerscore set to 0 and a permanent tag of cheater attached to his gamertag.

This just goes to show that Microsoft will not allow you to take advantage of their system. There has been some uproar in the community about this. Some say it good that Microsoft is punishing them, others say it too harsh and Microsoft should just lighten up.

Personally, I’m with the punish them. Most of us have heard from StripclubDJ in the past, and could have (if he did, I don’t remember) used that extra press from official Microsoft employee’s and features to boost site visits or downloads. This is a good thing; hopefully Microsoft won’t stop with gamerscore hacks, but will soon target the lag switchers and other vagabonds on LIVE.