Microsoft Just PWNED Your Cheating Ass

So today Major Nelson and the GSB team just announced today that they are going after all people that have cheated on there gamerscore.

What they are doing is going after all the people that have used game saves to “cheat” on their gamerscore. They are dropping those that have been flagged for cheating (not really sure how yet) down to 0 as there gamerscore. In addition to this they are also permanently flagging those gamercards with a special label to let everyone know they they are a cheat as according to Microsoft.

Now I’m all for going after those that cheat on Xbox Live as it does ruin the gaming experience of others but I really dislike this and what they are doing. Instead of going after those that actually do ruin my and your gaming enjoyment by using exploits, cheating devices (lag switches) or hacked consoles they are going after those that boost their gamerscore. And they are doing it in the harshest of ways, removal of ALL points and a permanent tag, seriously? I would be ok with this if they removed the occurrences and temporarily flagged there account but this is too much.

Let the witch hunt begin!My other issue with this is why stop there? Why not go after those that get with others to “boost” their gamerscore? Get all the people that pay others to boost their score, because after all, isn’t that just as wrong? Lets go to (I really love that site, I’m just using it as an example) and get all those that in all actuality cheat to boost there score by getting with others to earn achievements. And why stop here, have you had a sister, brother, mom, dad, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, or just other get a achievement for you? Well guess what, in all actuality your a cheat too. You might not be affected this time as Microsoft has stated,

Anyone who plays inside the actual game to get Achievements does not fall into the category we are taking action on

but you might want to consider this as just round 1 in the war against gamerscore cheaters, who knows, maybe next time Microsoft will call your number and you will lose everything that you might have worked for on your profile.

I say oh well. Let them do what they want to do. If it doesn’t actually effect my online experience I really don’t care about it and neither should you. Lets focus on some of the issues that are really out there instead of spending time working on things that really don’t matter to the average gamer. Lets focus on fixing that broken DRM that you guys have, the same DRM that prohibits me from playing the games that I have paid for because my Xbox 360 has red ringed so many times.

This to me is just a huge waste of time over something that to me doesn’t really matter. I mean its just a number next to your gamertag that shows what you have done on the Xbox. If you cheated, just remove those occurrences and temp stamp them as a cheater. I feel that Microsoft once again overstepped themselves and once again crossed the line. And once again, more bad press against them in a time that they actually need some good news.

This is just my opinion though so let me know what your opinion is, good or bad.

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  • I think its great idea with banning all the cheaters and all but i think maybe microsoft have to really look into the context of when banning users. Using non-genuine game saves is fair enough but if your sister or brother unlocks an achievement for you them maybe thats a little harsh…

  • Thrillhouse17

    I fully agree with you on this Stevey. MS has overstepped their bounds. It’s a game, let people play how they want.

  • TeeTocks

    Great points Steve, M$ just doesn’t get it.

    Common sense died a long time ago.

  • Steve you could not be more off but at least you’re consistent.

    First things first, I am a proponent of the old saying “if you’re not cheating you’re not trying.” By the letter of the law, according to Sheriff Microsoft, these people are cheating and breaking the user agreement. If they don’t like it, go get some trophies in Uncharted or something.

    Secondly, there is a huge difference between bending the rules, while still staying in the spirit of the rule, and flat out cheating. Floyd Mayweather positioning his head at his opponent is cheap but is within the rules. Loading your glove with lead is flat out cheating. That is the difference between having someone stand there to get shot in the head 50 times and get you some headshot achievement and just downloading a save.

    Again, I am all for cheating but if you get caught then you get the scarlet letter (or banner in this case) and have your gamerscore erased.

  • cleft5

    I agree with Microsuck on this one. These people are going beyond the normal means to boost their score. Steve519, you try to equate people getting together to earn their achievements the easy way with outright cheating and that just doesn’t fly. Because they are not the same thing, on the one hand you have a group of gamers taking the easy way out, but still putting in the time and extremely limited effort to get their points. On the other hand, you have someone taking a save file to unlock the points on their gamertag, they have not invested any of their time or effort into getting these points and they are willfully cheating the system and completely breaking the rules to boost their gamer scores. This sort of behavior is unaccepted and it’s about time Microsuck starts doing something about the jackasses on Xbox Live. Here is hoping this is only the start. Quite frankly, I hope that they start catching these fowl mouthed racist punks next and label them permanently as a racist duchbag. Anyone who thinks Microsoft can’t do this should have read their Terms of Service when they signed up for Live and they would have found out that they practically agreed to giving away their first born, let alone their First Amendment rights.

  • Kosamus

    Looks like its begun, lol

    Im just going to laugh at all these people who have wasted part of their lives for a number that has no real influence in the world.

  • Way to go Microsoft! Use your resources and time to go after those cheaters! I mean what better way to say we care about the community than to go after people who cheat only to obtain “Nothing” but the chance to think they are way cooler than everyone else. Just think Microsoft almost used there resources to go after the Racists, the Pervs, and the gay bashers on live. Time well spent Microsoft, Bravo!

  • The gamerscore itself really does not matter for much other than a couple of contests where you can win prizes like once a year.

    The truth is though is that people who do cheat should receive some type of punishment, but not to this much of an extreme. And while this might be a problem, there are still people who probably have hacked consoles or lag switches that they are using in order to boost their score. Shouldn’t they be the people that Microsoft should shift their focus towards.

    In the end, people should be allowed to play in any way they choose.

  • You know what…I was all against this at first. But after seeing Stripclub DJ at 0 gamerscore, I’m all for it.

    In fact, I’m laughing my ass off.

    I agree with Kos on this one. Achievement points are weak. Its like comparing slong length. It’s gay, insipid, and utterly pointless. All for what? Bragging rights!?!

    Someone who plays games all day, every day just to have some large number by their name doesn’t strike me as impressive.

    Competing against your friends is one thing and completely acceptable…cheating so you can have the #1 gamertag is just plain stupid.

    Stripclub DJ–after all that bragging on different podcasts–must feel like an idiot right about now.

    KEEP IT UP MICROSOFT!!! I’ll be over playing on the PS3.

  • cleft5

    So MrB4, I should be allowed to use a device in a game that cheats other players.

    How many time have us gamers enter a game only to find unbearable lag for everyone but one individual who is using external means to cheat the system to boost their achievement score?

    How many times have we all been playing a multi player game and some little punk bastard starts to glitch the game to get achievements or to boost their records?

    How many time have we all been playing on Xbox Live and had to take off our headsets because some little bastard decides to be a complete jackass?

    You are wrong MrB4, in the end people should not be allowed to play anyway they please, because people are jackasses. We need rules to bring order to the madness that is Xbox Live and we need Microsoft to enforce their rules. I say it’s about time. Bravo Microsoft, you finally did something right.

  • @cleft5 as long as it doesn’t effect your gaming experiance it shouldn’t be an issue. And last time I saw having a high gamerscore doesn’t unlock any special guns, make you invincible ect. But it doesn’t so to me this is a waste of time.

  • cleft5

    @steve519 A while back Microsoft had that silly contest where gamers could win prizes based on increasing their gamerscore. I am sure that the people, who worked hard playing lame games to increase their scores to get their gamerscores high, didn’t care for the people that cheated their way through the contest.

    I understand the point you believe you are making, and if these individual went about their cheating habits in a way that didn’t affect the rest of us it wouldn’t be a problem. But, when these individuals start using glitches and external devices to gain their points, they do so at the cost of everyone else who is just trying to have a good time.

    While I am not into the whole gamerscore thing, for those who are seriously into it and are being passed in points by cheaters, it must be truly annoying for them to come in second to a bunch of scammers.

    A lot of these guys that are using external devices to increase their scores are also cheating the system elsewhere. Fact is, Microsoft needs to make an example out of someone or some group to show they will not tolerate cheaters, glitchers, and modders on their system and this happens to be the most startling way to make an example.

    While achievements do not unlock anything special in games, at least right now, this does not mean it is okay to cheat the system. Microsoft needs to take a stand that enforces good behavior on their console, because a lot duchbag on Xbox Live think their actions have no consequences. This move shows gamers that they will be held accountable for their actions.

    I hope that this guy was only the start and they go after these cheaters with a vengeance. Maybe then the little punks on Xbox Live will think before they open their mouth to spew their hatred and stupidity.

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