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GameFly Employees Early Dipping Into GTA?

Seems pirates, hackers and critics weren’t the only ones to get their greasy paws on Grand Theft Auto IV a little early.
This came to us from a rather pissed-off listener, MinusFahrenheit, today. He, like the rest of us, waited with fingers tap-tap-tapping for GTA IV’s release. However, being like many of us (ie: […]

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Hawkes Gets GTA IV, You Get Swag!

When we asked if anyone wanted to donate to the “Buy Hawkes the Greatest Game Evar” fund, we didn’t figure we’d get so many responses!
Not only did you make Hawkes cry, but you actually made Edie tear up a bit. Your generosity is overwhelming!
Not only were we able, within a few short hours, to […]

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Today in Gaming News: April 30, 2008

What? There’s something else going on in the gaming industry — I mean other than Grand Theft Auto IV?
Why yes, indeed there is. Granted, if you check all your regular news sites, you’ll notice anything not GTA-related is pretty lightweight by industry standards. No PR department in its right mind would release any big news […]

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