A great sadness has struck, and shook the Platform Nation Community today, with unbelievable news coming from Americas butt hole, East Central Illinois. Today the nation was stunned to learn that 38 year old Platform Nation Major General, and Supreme head forum moderator B Dazzler was arrested today in his downtown bungalow for running an illegal meth lab operation.

Beuford Dazzler, or B Dazzler as he is know to the gaming community has been a father figure to the Platform Nation community, always lending a helping hand, from greeting new forum members to just handing out funny, and zany avatars. The arrest of one of Platform Nations most beloved has cause quite a spur of controversy; here is what some community members had to say. “I never would have expected this from Dazzler, Steve hide19 for sure, but not Dazzler, fuck them both though I am still better looking.” Said Paul Brucaki on of the hosts of Platform Nations shows, “B who?” was the statement we received from Gui J, who was not shocked at all by the events, but for journalistic purposes no one pays attention to him anyway. We tried to get a comment from Steve519 but to no ones surprise he was nowhere to be found. What would cause a man who is looked in such high regards to go down this dark path? One thing for sure we will keep you posted, as the news of the falling Dazzler goes down.

  • lifeinthefridge

    *Searches Meth lab on Google* First image is one above lol