GameHounds Episode 10: Estrogen and Alcohol

This episode of GameHounds, Episode 10, comes with a disclaimer. GamerEdie and her guest co-host, Elaine from 360Arcadians Podcast, start drinking at the beginning of the episode. By the end, they had both consumed a vast quantity of alcohol and become complete tards. Well, not so much Elaine, but Edie gets sloppy and starts making no sense whatsoever.

When they do get on topics, here’s what they slur their words about:

Feedback and comments appreciated. You know what to do.

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  • infectedpb503

    Per that post I was expecting a lot worse. This is the best non Hawkes episode Gamehounds has done! And one of the better podcasts I have heard in a while!

  • I have to agree with infected here.

    I thought your attitudes toward the public opinion of gaming and that of our spouses/mates were incredibly insightful.

    Alcohol fueled or not, I will be listening from here on out.

    Good show!

  • Great job on the show, one of my favs. I still can’t wait to hear Hawkes’ rant for the next show (it doesn’t matter what it is, they are always fun)

  • what a great show this week. I was ready for a bunch of just drunkenness talk but that really wasn’t there.

    after all the penis talk at the beginning I thought all the news talk was extremely insightful and I have to say that this was one of my favorite shows I have listened too