“The Nation is Happy!”

Shocking news from Central Illinois today, as police apologize to 38-year-old Beuford Dazller whom had just returned from vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico earlier today. The news that shook the Platform Nation community had proven to be a shot of mistaken identity. It turns out that in actuality the apprehended Meth-Lab-Monster was really Beufords evil twin brother Florigard Dazzler whom now goes by the alias FLO-BEE. Although sadden by his brothers arrest B Dazzler had this to say,” Mama say mama sa mamaku sa, meka lekka hi mekka hiney hoe, by the power of greyskull. I have the power, Thundercats, Thundercats, Thundercats Hoooo, Yo JOE!!” Truer words were never spoken, from a simple man who just loves toilets. We for one are glad that B Dazzler will continue to do his good work, we are glad to have you back Dazzler

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