Alas, the Bad News Be False!

Could we have more disclaimed stories in one day?

First, despite earlier reports — and despite Call of Duty 4’s own GOTY website — Infinity Ward’s FourZeroTwo has rebuked rumors that the new Call of Duty 4 maps will be later than originally intended and writes that they will, indeed, show up on XBLA on April 3 or April 4. I’m not sure who didn’t get the memo, here, but I’m glad to know that they aren’t going to be another week away. Thanks, FZT!

Second, and hopefully last, the they-said-they-said ballywick of fingerpointing and inuendo continues in the mystical battle of the fabled Blu-ray 360. Microsoft has finally voiced its version of events, claiming that Lite-On, the manufacturer rumored to be building the integrated Blu-ray 360, is absolutely, positively NOT building a 360 with Blu-ray. Either this is true or it’s a poorly veiled and not-so-cagey attempt to throw Sony off the scent and not bring the market of Blu-ray components to a screeching halt.

Such is life. Rumors come. Rumors go. And the band played on.

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