Streaming The New COD4 Variety Map Pack!!

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Hello Everyone…

In Preperation for the upcoming P*N MLB 2K8 League I am testing on the NEW VARIETY MAP Pack for Call of Duty 4!

I will be ONLINE off and on tonight.. I have an errand to do in a little bit, but please

Send a Message to: Gamertag: INFECTEDPB503 if you would like to join!


Watch live video from The XBLRadio Show on

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  • Kosamus

    This is pretty cool, wish I didn’t lose connection. I knew exactly when I lost the party.

  • the streaming feed was pretty cool


    thanks.. be using for mlb 2k8 and future gaming…
    was a pretty fun time and think we had quite a bit of people watching for most of the night and even found a way to make the graphics in the video look better as well!

  • The streaming video feed is a cool idea, keep it going.