EA Listens

By now, I’m sure you all have heard what EA was going to do with Battlefield: Bad Company, right? They were going to charge gamers that purchased the regular edition of the game to buy five more weapons that the Gold Edition got free with the purchase. Sound a little unfair? Well, EA has heard our outcries and our complaints.

In an interview with IGN, DICE’s Karl-Magnus Troedsson, senior producer of the game, announced yesterday (April 9, 2008) that EA will not charge us to unlock any of the weapons. This is a complete 180 from a couple of weeks ago. These five weapons will be unlockable once the gamer reaches the level cap at 25. This is for gamers that get the regular edition. For the gamers that get the Gold Edition, well, you still get to unlock the weapons as soon as you buy the game.

“We are not charging for any guns that are out there,” said Troedsson. “We read the forums, we read all of the articles and listening to the storm that is out there, we’re not going to charge for any of those guns.”

This is great news for us gamers. We all teamed up, and spoke out against this ridiculous decision to charge us for weapons and won. For that, I congratulate all of us for that, as far as EA, I salute you for listening to us and cutting us a break.

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