Sony PS3 Red Screen of Death

So every time I try to adjust my audio output options I am now greeted with Sony’s Red Screen of Death. This has only happened since the last update and now I’m unable to change my audio output because of this.

Has this happened to you? or anyone else you know? Do you know of a way to fix this?

If so please email me at [email protected]
Thank you.

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  • jaymc

    Just tried it on my PS3. Could not duplicate. Mine works fine. hmmmm.

  • At least the screen isn’t red anymore. Red is such an angry color, blue is much better.

  • chrisc

    Happened to me with the JPN model a long time ago. System restore fixed it. Never occurred again.

  • If the other suggestions do not work, call Sony Support.

    Also, that is MLB THE SHOW 2008, not 2K8.

  • The L1T1G4T0R

    Hola Steve.

    I HIGHLY suggest checking your HDMI cable. Try switching it with another one.

    Remember when I thought my 2nd PS3 was defective, it turned out to be my HDMI cable. Ever now and then I get the same color distortion and sometimes the picture won’t come on at all.

    It works on the AV cables though. I’m ordering another HDMI cable to replace this one. I haven’t had the audio problems, but I’d seriously recommend replacing the HDMI cable first.

  • Steve, just got in and checked this out and ..hahahahhahahha I’m so glad I still have the wii, I tell you I was this close on picking up a PS3, but now I will wait till the new PS3 versions without the redscreen come out. Anyways, I checked out some sites and apparently many are stating that it was their HDMI cable as The L1T1gator stated above. According to my sources this has to do exactly with the same issue PS3 and HDMI had a while ago with the whole locking up wjile loading a game. PS3 sees the sina, but it is not strong enough their for it gives you this screen. Fo sho try another HDMI cable.

  • i got one beter then that i was playing gta4 sence chrismas and just yesterday night i shut the ps3 off then i realized i left the game inside and when i turned it back on i came to the red screen of death and now i can’t even play a moive or any game what so ever…

    • Dave

      Watched a blueray movie. Turned off PS3 and when turned on got RSOD. Went thru all recovery menu options. Sony said run option 3 twice. Had to return console. Lasted 4 weeks and happened again. Still at Sony repair centre.

  • Rogerio

    I have the same problem, anyone fix it ?