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Guests this week include:

P*N Community Member for April – GamerEdie of – “Head” P*N Forum Moderator

Fatal45's Gamertag GamerEdie's Gamertag BDazzler's Gamercard

and even

Kemanswar's Gamercard

stops by for a fews seconds and a ONE TIME Announcement on XBLRadio!

This Episode we talk about many things and have a great time. Pre-show topics include: BDazzler’s Toliet Fetish but the “biggie” was the Official Xbox Magazine’s Exclusive Rock Band Songs, that were NEVER! to be released on XBLM, somehow got released on Xbox Live Marketplace! for only $7 cheaper then buying the magazine.

Topics Include:
Mr B4’s Wii Section – Wii to be first with Episodic Content but NO! to Rock Band DLC!
Rock Band DLC for the Week!

“EXCLUSIVE” vs. “TIMED-EXCLUSIVE” – As gamers its time we know!

The Official Xbox Magazine LIES to its subscriber’s as its podcast LIES to it listeners! Be sure to listen to this episdoe for the audio version!

BDazzler calls into, to GamerEdie, to discuss “The Morgan Webb Incident”
“The Going Deep” Segment – includes “history of gaming as seen by society”

HD-DVD gets a Firmware Upgrade and for a dead format we talk about it way to much!

For deals, per GamerEdie, check Crazy Town Deals and Ben’s Bargains

Gears of War 2 details announced
And towards the end “The Wheels” come off and it goes into the new “Free-For-All” Segment

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