BTG Radio #7: Community Editon(Brawl Roundtable)

Hey what is going on everybody at Platform Nation and XBL Radio, it is MrB4 here to give the latest about what is going on in the gaming community.

As you might have heard on the .5 shows, Mr INFECTEDPB503 (My co-host) does not give me much opportunity to be able to talk about my Wii (insert joke here), or the games that i play on it. So i thought it was time to find a place where i could talk about the games that i play, and i did.

I was just recently a guest on a community roundtable podcast for the site Breaking The Game. In each of their podcasts, BTG Radio breaks down one game, piece by piece, by letting members of the gaming community talk about each and every aspect of the game (Gameplay, Community, Technical, Etc.). The game that they featured this week was Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and i just could not pass up the opportunity to be on that show.

Here is the post from the site along with the podcast for you to listen to, enjoy:

BTG Brawl Roundtable

While the Cats away how the mice will play! While Andy’s on vacation Kiki & Daniel decide to throw a community party (Ok, its really a roundtable) and talk about Nintendo’s ultra hyped, much delayed Super Smah Bros Brawl! Did it fulfill all the needs and desires of a true Nintendo fanboy? Listen & see!

Community Members:

Porge [Jason] (Anti Troll Committee)

xStArDoMx [Nick] (Anti Troll Committe)

Mr B4 [Matt] (XBL Radio)

Goon 360 [Brian]

(Direct Download, Right Click Save As..)

Once again i would like to thank Kiki Lewis, and the rest of the people from Breaking The Game for allowing me to be on the show, it was alot of fun. I also want to say thank you to INFECTEDPB503 (my Co-host) for getting me on the show, that was really awesome of you to do, i appreciate it.

Until next time gamers, this is MrB4 signing off

Take care,

Mr B4

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