Steve519 Retires From The Podcasting World

Yes you read that correctly, I have decided to hang up my mic from the amazing podcasting world.

It’s very sad to be saying goodbye to everyone that is a part of our awesome community. But, at the same time, I’m not fully leaving; I just won’t have a show that I am a part of. With all that is going on in my life: my wife, soon to be daughter, my paying job, and the overwhelming success of Platform Nation, I just have too much to do and I have stretched myself too thin. So I’m just rearranging my priorities and putting what really matters to me first and unfortunately because of that something has had to go. I am passing off the show fully to Jose, aka Gui J, because of how awesome he his and because I know that he will be able to keep putting out the high quality shows that you guys have come to expect.

I was luckily enough to start off several years ago when the awesome old crew at XBL Radio asked me to come aboard and I could not have joined a better group. They taught me above all else, that I need to look out for our community, because without you guys, we are nothing. That single phrase, “Without you, our listeners, we are nothing” has stuck with me more then anything else. I have learned to be honest and give you guys the information that you want from our shows, in our own creative way. So that is what I have tried to do in over the hundreds of shows that I have been a part of during this time. Unfortunately, for the most part, I will no longer be doing this.

Now I’m not leaving from everything. I’ll still just just as active at Platform Nation as I have always been. And I’m open to be a guest on other shows as well as hoping that some of the other awesome shows that are with the Platform Nation family will even invite me to their triple A quality shows.

On a final note, I would like to thank all of you who have listening to my rambles over this time, even if you didn’t agree with me all the time, everything I have said over the past few years I said for what I thought was the best for gaming, the community that I have always loved and always tried to help support.

  • Sad to see you go. Your voice will be missed good sir.

  • Well Said, I know how it is when you have to many things going on and not enought time to do it all.

  • This is sad news to hear, but all good things must come to an end sometime. I will miss your sweet soothing voice on the pub.

  • Well I kind of figured that this would eventually happen with a child on the way and all. Well I hope your life balances out the way you want it too. You will be missed and thanks for bringing the community as far as it has. Peace and i’ll drink a 40oz in memory of the late Steve519 podcaster.

  • Your voice will forever haunt the podcasting world.. a good way. Completely understand and take care of you and yours. Enjoy the “retirement!”

  • It is a sad thing to see happen, but family comes first above all else.

    Good luck in all that you do from here on out Steve, your voice will be missed.

  • Jaevicious

    “All things must come to an end, All things must conclude” – Jay-Z

    Good luck in all future endeavors Steve…

  • The L1T1G4T0R

    Well congrats on a wonderful podcasting career. I hate to see another truly unbiased gamer go the way of the dinosaur, but I seriously respect your decision to put family first.

    It is a sad day in podcasting indeed. I don’t drink often…but I think this calls for a beer.

    This one is for you Steve!

  • PdPizzle

    Sad to see you go man. You’ll definently be missed…

  • Deepthroat

    Glory days are here again!

  • Who died? Steve will still be around as much as he has always been. Plus hes always got a home to go to when he wants to rant.

  • Eternal

    Wha? You can’t go……….well I hope you return to us soon. Godspeed, Steve…..and don’t hide too much. 😀

    To a great leader…cheers.

  • Jeremiah Night

    best of luck with parenthood.

  • markymark68

    Does this mean you will talking more at the Post Office? You know the brass already has me in their cross-hairs. You are about to join me and Domino on the blacklist.

  • Hopefully this’ll give you some time to actually finish some games.

    I’m sure you’ll be back behind the mic before you know it.

  • Whoa, craziness.

    Thanks for all the podcasting you did do, but understand your priorities at this point. You’ve done an AMAAAAZING job Steve.


  • Steve I know first hand on what a big decision you had to make and it is not a easy one at that. I am sad to here that you are hanging up your mic. but understand why. Your voice will be missed on my Ipod and I hope that you will finally be able to play some games for a change. Cause if you are in the podcast industry we all know that you lack the time to stick to one or two games.
    The first month will be tough for you, and you will be wondering if you made the right call. Well I will answer that for you after all I have a 20 month old son. Yes its a good call on your part, after all your family has to come first.
    Theres just not enough time to work your payed job take care of your family and to podcast at the same time. Just think in a week or two you will be a new daddy and you will need all the time in the world to adapt to your new world of fatherhood.

    We need to get the old XBL Radio crew back together for a reunion show. All the way back to 360 leagues I wonder if we are all still alive? Take care and I will talk to you soon.
    TOG out!

  • Damn man, it is so hard to work / have a life / play video games / report on video games on a daily basis. You decision is understood Steve. Good luck and stuff, and I am sure you won’t disappear from games completely.