TQcast Episode 30 Postponed

TQcast Episode 30 postponed till further notice.

Sorry Fam TQcast EP30 has to get delayed. Between broken Macs, personal life, hosts not feeling the show, bitches trippin, laundry on the floor, bad instant cup of noddles, and just deep personal business I decided to pull the plug on TQcast EP30 till further notice. I apologize for the inconvenience

But don’t get all crazy ese, P*N has great shows to offer, so check them out.

And if you just need some TechQuila in your ears, check out our most requested episode till this day.. TechQuila Episode2

The glorious days.

  • why desz, why do you tease me like this?

  • because he likes to play mind games with you Steve, its fun.

  • Noo

    Why did my post not post?
    That is rude.

  • Noo

    Sorry wronge site.
    I posted a comment on TQcast.
    Sorry again.