The Gamers Pub, Episode 28 (redo)

Topics Include:
What we are drinking
What we are playing
Steve519 has some special news
Soul Caliber
You are a fart eater
MK vs DC?
Call of Duty 4 rocks your culo
Rockband ready with full albums!
P*N News
All this and more!

This weeks song’s (2 for 1 special): Beasties/ Rage Mash-Up Title: Intergalactic Monster! and The Doors Light my fire (Rasta Remix)

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  • kratosoprano

    Good show guys. once again the end song(s) was Siiick. The rock and reggae gods are pleased.

    The live show would be great.ill b there!!

  • come on guys I just got caught up with pubcasts.
    Good show, sucks to see Steve hang the mic, but he has a good reason. You just made me realize how close GTA is..PS3 version all the way if I do get it. Good show!! A live show would be a great way to go out Steve…