GameHounds Episode 13: Contest-o-Rama

Back after a two-week break, we bring you GameHounds Episode 13: Contest-o-Rama.

Why a “contest-o-rama,” you ask? Well, that’s because we have two — count ‘em — TWO contests going on.

This is your opportunity to win some pretty damned fabulous swag. If we weren’t part of it, we would be all over this like a couple of pitbulls in a porkchop factory.

What could you win? How about a code for Rocketmen: Axis of Evil, courtesy of Platform Nation.

No? Then how about a limited-edition (as in only 500 made) GTA IV Xbox 360 Elite, and a whole host of other prizes, courtesy of All Games Radio and others.

In addition to outlining how you can win these fabulous prizes, we launch into gaming news of the past week, including:

Don’t forget to get those GTA IV Elite and Rocketmen entries in by the deadlines. And you can check the forums for more info or to ask us questions for next week’s episode.

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